Sunday, November 22, 2009


  • In the first month at my PSU job I come to the conclusion that my team needs a Web programmer to assist with our projects. After putting the requests through HR and getting approval the job is posted on Penn State's Web site. Each job has a unique ID and it mysteriously happen to be 27072, which is interesting for multiple reasons. One, it starts with 27, but it also end with 27 in reverse. Also, the number is a palindrome, which is the same number forward and backwards.
  • My daughter, Adriana, was born on November 1st, 2006 at 12:27am, which is 0027 per millitary and hospital time. 12:27am has a unqiue property since that 1+2=3, 2+7=9 and 9x3=27. Also Adriana's unique hospital ID was 2772.
  • 2004 Stanley Cup playoffs - Every year our department at C-COR has a hockey pool and everyone puts in $10. After the season is over the person who wins takes the money and throws a party for everyone. So really the money won is spent and all things become equal and everyone has a good time. Well I never wanted to be in it because I didn't care about hockey. Well they begged me to be in it this year and the way it works is that every week the guy sends an email out with the team choices and how many games each series will go to (max of 7). If you get the right team you get a certain number of points and if you pick the correct number of games in the series you get a bonus. Well I told the guy that I didn't want to do anything for this hockey pool so right now put me down for 7 games per series and in every team choice pick the top seat and that's it. No favorites, no math, no analyzing anything. My picks were pretty much already determined from the start. Also in-case of a tie breaker we had to pick the number of goals scored in the final series. Of course I picked "27". Well last night was the last game of the series between the two two teams. It went to 7 games the the team I picked long long ago won and I won the whole pool! ALSO, just for fun I had them calculate the number of goals scored in the last series and guess what number it was? Yes, 27 goals. It kind of freaked the guys out and they took a few steps back. :)
  • Athens 2004 is the location of the Summer Olympic games next year. The Olympic games started more then 2700 years ago in 776 B.C. (2004 + 776)-1 = 2779. the minus 1 is because it we are looking for how long the games have gone on for since 776 to 777 is 1 year and not 2. Well guess what my phone number at my parent's house where I grew up? 774-2779.
  • At the 2003 C-COR IT Holiday party we had an anonymous gift exchange. Everyone was given 3 cards out of a deck. When I turned over my randomly picked cards I have 2, 7, and a King in that order. The funny thing is obviously the 27 in the correct order but on top of that my sisters and parents are always calling me the King because my mom said I'm her favorite offspring (jokingly).
  • My father's birthday is 7/29, guess what the square root of 729 is ? 27!
  • My father met and married my Mother when he was 27 years old.


  1. I just read this after reading this other blog post, and I kinda have chills now. WTF is with the number 27? You should contact this lady:

  2. can u please tell me whats about the 27, i know GOD is trying to tell us smethin' right??? bcause i always see this 27 n its been since my highschool years, can u explain me????

  3. I don't have a lot to say, i know this for a couple of years now!!! I thought it was funny that Loretta's favourite number is 12! I like 12!!! My birthday is 12-07-1975! But the 27...ja no more words!!! Andreia Rosa

  4. My birthday is the 27th of a certain month and I'll be 27

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