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  •  J.D. Salinger died on January 27, 2010. He wrote The Catcher in the Rye, which has 26 chapters and it is believed this missing chapter was number 27.
  • Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon - Robert Rosen's book explores the numerological meaning of 27, “the triple 9”, a number of profound importance to John Lennon. Lennon was deeply interested in numerology, particularly Cheiro’s Book of Numbers, and nine and all its multiples.
  • The 27s - Two years of research and interviews conducted by a pair of multidisciplinary artists have uncovered more than two-dozen other 27s who pushed rock in new directions, leaving lasting legacies that continue to inspire fans and musicians.
  • Reticent 27 - Two series of this journal existed. The first was founded by Stimes Addisson and Stimso Adid in 1942 and was dedicated to Accidental Associationalist art and literature. It folded after 27 issues, all numbered 27.
  • On the 2003 Chuck Palahniuk "Diary" tour he read a short story at all of them called "Guts". Well from day one people were passing out left and right and some of them were very dangerous! Well on September 16th, 2003 the last stop of the US tour happened in Pittsburgh, PA. Two more people passed out giving a grand total of 27 casualties.
  • Chuck Palahniuk is my favorite author and wrote the book to my favorite movie the "Fight Club". In the book he wrote called "Lullaby" there is a very mysterious 27 occurrence.
    “Lullaby” follows the life of Carl Streator, a middle-aged newspaper journalist. He is actually an interesting guy. Assigned to investigate a recent series of crib deaths in the community, he discovers that at every crime scene is a book of “Poems and Rhymes From Around the World,” open to page 27. The children did not die in the middle of the night from crib death-the lullaby that was sung to them before bed killed them. An African culling song is the lethal weapon, murdering whomever it is read to or even thought toward. Streator read this same lullaby to his wife and son years before and realizes he is responsible for killing his family. Now that the culling song is memorized, Streator becomes a supernatural serial killer. A radio therapist aggravates him and before he knows it the song has rushed through his head. The therapist stops mid-sentence and the radio plays dead air. Palahniuk wants us to “Imagine a plague you catch through your ears.” With a virus you can check out from the county library and infect anyone you want, the human race could become extinct. Streator teams up with another singing killer, and they take off across the country to destroy Page 27 in every copy that exists of the book.
    When Chuck was asked about why 27 was used in the book, he had no reason, he said he just picked it. That is how the 27 phenomenon works.... it just happens, no one seems to notice, but it is there.

    The book also has 272 pages and the dimensions of the book at 1.01 x 8.54 x 5.72, which added up come to 15.27 inches.

  • The International Chuck Palahniuk Meetup Day held in Somerset, KY is located off of S. Highway 27.
  • Chuck Palahniuk's agent's address is:
    121 W. 27th St. Suite 704
    New York, N.Y. 10001
  • Chuck Palahniuk's book, Diary: A Novel is 272 pages long
  • Chuck Palahniuk's book "Invisible Monsters" is 278 pages long
  • At the time, Chuck Palahniuk was 27 and a “service documentation specialist.” In plain English that means a mechanic who writes about diesel trucks for a freight company. In one afternoon he wrote Chapter 6, or the section of the novel known as the “rules,” on a clipboard underneath a truck. It was, he says, the only place he could enjoy privacy. He told no one at the shop what he was doing, especially a mechanic named Durden who was fired for sexual harassment.
    Palahniuk finished the rest of the 208-page book in three months, most of which he credits to accidentally moving into a house without cable hook-up. He took the manuscript to a writers’ workshop in Portland, Oregon, where he still lives on a stretch of country land with his friends. The leader of the workshop knew an agent at W.W. Norton & Company who immediately bought the manuscript. As dizzying as a punch he never saw coming, Twentieth Century Fox executive Raymond Bon Giovanni read the book and fell in love with its assertion that life is experienced fully when it’s constantly threatened. But Bon Giovanni died before he saw the visual realization of Fight Club. His last dying wish, according to his self-written obituary, was to see the gritty novel become a movie.

  • During an interview with Chuck Palahniuk, John C. Lyons ask him what is his take on the number 27. Here is the clip from the interview:
    JOHN: And Chris (my friend who is infatuated with the number 27), do you have anything to officially say about the number 27? (27, for example, was the page that the culling song was on in Lullaby)
    CHUCK: No, but I just know that it is a bad couple. (Chuck and I talked earlier in which he explained to me that each number he has always related to a type of person, and person two and person seven are really a bad match). Seven should not be with two. And two should never be with seven.

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  1. It's a strange thing for me to come across this Website. For the last three years, I have been to attracted to number 27 after I dreamed it twice. If my memory recalls, for the last few months, there have been numbers of accidents, natural calamities, and air strikes around the world that resulted 27 human casualties or missing or deaths, including today's NATO's air strike. If you do a research on the Internet about this mysterious number 27, you will find a lot of very interesting information.

  2. I started noticing how much it was aron memail 23 years ago when I was a teenager. It's odd, not sure why it pops up like crazy sometimes, but I'm starting to suspect it should be a warning for me, or like 11:11 - pay attention.

  3. I just can't believe someone has made this site, and that people are still noticing 27. My friend and I used to joke in school about our favourite numbers, mine was 19 and his was 27. He has basically had so much luck in life while I seem to keep losing, so it was a running joke between us how 27 had some kind of vendetta against me. Then I searched "mystery of 27" on Google and found this. Seriously, what's going on?? What does it mean? I see it more as my nemesis, but whether it's a warning or sign, I don't know